Celebrity Pet Stylist Brian Marshall’s Top Grooming Tips for Spring

Celebrity Pet Stylist Brian Marshall’s Top Grooming Tips for Spring

As the weather warms and the days get longer, spring is the perfect time to revisit basic pet care routines. We partnered with Brian Marshall, celebrity pet stylist, to find out his top tips for keeping your pet feeling and looking good this season.

Hello! My name is Brian Marshall (aka TheeDogBarber), and these are some of my favorite grooming tips for the spring season.

Did you know, just like us, our babies can have seasonal allergies? From allergens like dust to pollen in the air, JUST LIKE US! These can cause irritation and rashes from scratching, which is no fun for your pet.

A deshedding treatment with a hypoallergenic/all-natural conditioner is going to be your best friend during this time period. Your groomer should also be offering a shampoo switch along with the seasons to make sure your baby’s skin feels 100 percent, all 365 days of the year.

I also like to switch up the proteins for my pups around this time of the year. And with that, I incorporate Yummers’ Salmon & Sweet Potato Mix-In. Both sweet potato and salmon are high in potassium, and the sweet potato is packed with Vitamin A (which, if you want a dog with long, luscious locks that blow in the wind, is exactly what you want!) It’s also great for the eyes, nerves, and muscles. Salmon then provides the Omega-3 fatty acids, which help with bloating (my pup, Blaire, has bathing suits to wear this spring, so I’m sure she will appreciate that).

Hopefully these tips will help you and your pup this season! I know every pup is different, but I do personally feel these tips will be very helpful as you head into the spring season.

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