8 Signs You’re a Yummers Pet Parent

Written by: Care Yummers


Being a Yummers pet parent is about more than just feeding your pet Yummers. When Yummers was born, its cofounders - Antoni, JVN, and Rebecca - wanted to help pets have their best meal and their best life. Food is just the start.

You know you’re a Yummers pet parent if your pet…

1. Never Leaves Your Side
Whether you’re going out for brunch or traveling overseas, your pet is always along for the ride.

2. Has Their Own Wardrobe
A day isn’t complete without a matching outfit paired with colorful accessories for every season.

3. Is Spoiled by Your Friends and Family
From holidays to birthdays, your pet is celebrated by everyone and is considered part of their own family.

4. Knows Your Routine Better Than You Do
You and your pet share your own special language, and it often feels like they can read your mind.

5. Has Their Own Social Media Account
You spend more time posting on your pet’s account than on your own because their pictures are too cute not to share.

6. Is Known at all the Local Pet Stores
As soon as you walk in, your pet is greeted by name and knows exactly where to go for their favorite treats and toys.

7. Has Several Nicknames
You rarely call your pet their real name and instead, you use something silly and made-up that only you would understand.

8. Lives a Lavish Lifestyle
From weekly spa days and Puppucino stops to a monthly Meowbox, your pet is always living their best life by your side.