Each dog food recipe is highly digestible for dogs of all ages and breeds. We even help take the guesswork out of portion sizes so you know the exact amount your dog needs.

  • Vet Approved

  • Amazingly Tasty

  • Optimal Nutrition

  • All Lifestages

  • No Artificials

  • Made in the USA

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Let Your Dog Take Their Pick

Our freeze-dried dog food comes in three insanely craveable recipes dogs can’t get enough of. (Hence the insanely craveable part)

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What makes our dog food different?

We carefully prepare all of our recipes in small batches, specially crafting each individual ingredient separately to lock in the nutrients dogs need and the flavor they crave. This process results in a dog food that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

  • Freeze-drying retains nutrition and flavor.

  • Dehydrating retains high fiber content that aids in digestion.

  • Gently cooking helps support your dog’s digestive system.

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Simple, Quality Ingredients in Every Dog Bowl

Our dog food is made with fresh, whole ingredients carefully sourced in the USA (with the exception of our New Zealand lamb). Our chicken is cage free, our fish is ocean-raised, and our lamb and beef are pasture-raised. Every protein is hormone and anti-biotic free.

  • chicken & beef

    Freeze-dried Proteins

    Protein-packed chicken, lamb, and beef are filled with vitamins and nutrients to support healthy energy levels and and muscle development and repair. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help build strong immunity and a healthy skin and coat.
  • ancient grains in bowl

    Ancient Grains

    Rich in fiber and protein, sorghum, brown rice, and millet help your pup’s digestion stay at its best while supporting healthy energy levels. With natural antioxidants and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, they also help reduce inflammation and boost your dog’s immunity.
  • grouping of carrots, beets and blueberries


    Antioxidants come from natural sources like blueberry, beets, and carrots which help slow aging while boosting your pup’s immunity by fighting damage caused by injured cells. They can also help prevent diseases like cancer, joint disease, and even cognitive decline.
  • grouping of sweet potatoes and turmeric

    Superfood Nutrients

    Our superfoods - turmeric, salmon oil, flaxseed, purple sweet potato, and pumpkin - help support many aspects of your dog’s wellness. From strong, healthy joints to a shiny skin & coat, these nutrients give your pup the boost they need to look and feel their best.
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The Bits that Make our Dog Food Great

Protein Bits

Premium animal protein freeze-dried for optimal nutrition.

Antioxidant Blend

Freeze-dried with vitamins and minerals for a healthy pet.

Purple Sweet Potato

Single ingredient packed with fiber to help support their digestion.

Performance Bits

Complex carbs cooked just right to provide fiber for digestion support.

The Yummers Difference is Clear

Our deliciously prepared meals for dogs are a healthy, delicious and easy choice!

Leading brand of
Fresh Food

Leading brand of

Leading brand of

No artificials or fillers like corn, wheat and soy

No artificials or fillers like corn, wheat and soy

Easy to store, prep and feed

Easy to store, prep and feed

80%+ protein from animal sources

80%+ protein from animal sources

Lower carbon footprint shipping

Lower carbon footprint shipping


Where do you source your ingredients?

All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA, with the exception of our pasture raised lamb which comes from New Zealand to make sure that we are giving your pet the best.  

Why does your food cost more than kibble?

Our premium dog foods aren’t kibble! We want your dog to have the highest quality ingredients and we know you do too! 

All the proteins used in our recipes (chicken, beef, salmon, ocean fish and lamb) are hormone and anti-biotic free. They are carefully sourced in the USA (with the exception of our lamb from New Zealand). Our chicken is cage free, our fish is ocean-raised, and our lamb and beef are pasture-raised. 

Then, we perfectly prepare all of our recipes in small batches, specially crafting each individual ingredient separately to lock in the nutrients dogs need and the flavor they crave. Proteins and antioxidants are freeze-dried to ensure they remain nutrient dense. Purple sweet potatoes are dehydrated to retain their high fiber content. Ancient grains are gently cooked in order to support your dog's digestive system.  

This all comes at a premium, but we think every dog is worthy of such meals.

If feeding Yummers food for every meal isn’t feasible, treat it as a mix-in or topper with the food your dog already knows and loves. Even just some Yummers Dog Food is better than none.

Do you offer samples?

You can get a free small bag here.

How much Yummers food should I feed my dog?

Check out our feeding guide to see your dog's recommended daily amount including how many servings per bag.

What if my dog doesn't like your food?

Your dogs happiness is guaranteed. If your dog doesn't enjoy their meal please reach out to us at care@yummerspets.com so we can make it right.

Hello, good stuff


Freeze-dried proteins

let your pup have it dry, add a little water to rehydrate before they devour, or use it as a topper for their usual food


Craveable taste

great for picky eaters


Nutritional value and bioavailability is top priority

we treat each ingredient like its special, because each ingredient is


Ancient grains


Convenient and portable

Easy to take on the go with it's resealable packaging

Goodbye, bad stuff


No wheat


No corn


No soy


No artificials

flavors, colors, or preservatives


No refrigeration needed


No uniform brown kibble in sight

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Why Switch to Yummers Dog Food?

We’ve crafted dog foods like no other using real ingredients you can see. Each of our three recipes is uniquely made – we use only the highest quality proteins, fruits and veggies, and utilize freeze-drying and dehydration methods to maximize nutrients and ensure every food is truly irresistible. Because it’s what dogs want and need.

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