dog eating DIY 3-Ingredient Itchy Skin Remedy Pumpkin Treat

DIY 3-Ingredient Itchy Skin Remedy Pumpkin Treats

Part of giving your pet the best life they deserve includes doing something special to remind them how much you love them. We’re here to help with an easy DIY no-bake itchy skin remedy recipe your pup will be obsessed with!

In just a few minutes, you can whip up an irresistibly delicious treat that will help your pup feel their best during the spring months and beyond. 


  1. 2 spoons of plain canned pumpkin puree
    Scoop of canned pumpkin being added to a blender cup

  2. Yummers Skin & Coat Mix-In (1 tsp per 10 lbs)
    Scoop of Yummers Calming Meal Mix-In getting added to blender cup

  3. 1 spoon of plain Greek yogurt
    Scoop of yogurt being added to blender cup


  1. Blend pumpkin, yogurt, and Yummers
    All ingredients blended in a blender cup

  1. Pour into food-grade silicone molds
    Pouring blended mixture into silicone mold

  2. Freeze molds for 4 to 5 hours
  3. Serve to your pup!
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