Get Ready for the Big Game with Your Pet

Get Ready for the Big Game with Your Pet

There’s never a better time to bond with your pet than watching your favorite sporting event together! Whether you have a dog or a cat, there are lots of ways you can include them in the fun. 

Even if you’re not a big sports fan, watching big games gives you a reason to celebrate and create extra-not-ordinary memories with your pet. Here are our top tips and ways you can make the day extra special.

Show team pride

Dress up your pet in a festive collar, bandana, and more with your favorite team’s logo so you can take cute pics for social media (don’t forget to tag us @yummerspets for a chance to be featured on our page!)

Make tasty treats

Help make the day extra memorable by making special treats with your pet’s favorite Yummers recipe. You can save leftovers and bring them out later for a fun surprise.

Celebrate with friends

Invite over pet friends to add excitement to the day. To prepare, bring out some toys and set aside space for the pets to bond and play while you watch the game.

Take a halftime break

During half-time, take your pet on a walk or add in some playtime so they can burn excess energy and stay calm during the festivities.

Create a safe space

Prep your home by creating a safe space with your pet’s bed and toys that they can retreat to if they get overstimulated.

Explore the bar scene

If you’re in the mood to go out, look up pet-friendly sports bars that you can bring your pet to, as long as they are comfortable. Make sure to bring food, water, toys, and anything else they may need to feel their best.

Keep their mind busy

Before the game starts, prepare a lick mat with Yummers so your pet has something to keep them stimulated and occupied during the game. You can freeze it for a few hours beforehand to make it extra exciting and challenging for them.

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