A barkuterie board with a Valentine's love theme featuring Yummers products

How to Make a Barkuterie Board for Valentine’s Day

Who doesn't love a charcuterie board? You know your pet would! At Yummers, we’re always looking for extra-not-ordinary ways to spend time with our pets. That’s why we’ve partnered with Amanda from Barkuterie Boards to help make this Valentine’s Day with your pup extra special.

Hi! My name is Amanda, and I am the owner of Barkuterie Boards, a premium dog charcuterie board business. This small business of mine began during the first year of the pandemic. My partner and I were sitting on the couch sharing a charcuterie board when I looked over at our dogs and thought “OMG. What if someone made charcuterie boards for dogs?!” I have made boards to celebrate doggy birthdays, gotcha days, and even a doggy proposal. Dogs deserve fancy treats too, and I love being able to treat your pups!

For Valentine’s Day, I am making a themed Barkuterie Board for a date night with my pups, Nali and Rocky. Using a large palm leaf platter, I will make a heart shape out of heart-shaped cookies, and then fill the rest of the board with yummy goodies like Yummers chicken mix-in and Yummers turkey and cranberry mix-in.

When the board is filled with goodies, I add some fresh fruits and veggies like apples and cucumbers to provide a nice crunch to the board. Then, I use a little food stamp cutter to make heart shapes from the apple slices.

I like to use cucumbers because they are crunchy and filled with fiber! On this board, I will use half slices as a border for the board.

For the final touch, I add a bit of texture to the inner heart by sprinkling some Yummers cheddar cheese mix-in and Yummers heart functional mix-in.

There you have it! A delicious Valentine’s Day Barkuterie Board for your furry friend. 

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