happy dog laying on their back in grass surrounded by Easter eggs and with bunny ears on their head

Make Easter Memories with Your Dog or Cat

Celebrating holidays with our pets is one of the ways we like to make special memories. These traditions are made even better with our pet’s favorite healthy obsession!

Whether you are a DIY pro or prefer keeping it simple, we’re here to help you and your dog or cat enjoy Easter together. No matter how you choose to spend the holiday, your pet will appreciate celebrating Easter by your side.

#1 Host an Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrate Easter with your pet by putting their favorite treats in plastic eggs and hiding them around your house, yard, or both! Our tender morsels are a healthy and delicious option your pup will love. You can even put catnip in the eggs to help your cat join in on the fun! If you have dogs with resource-guarding behaviors, try hosting an individual egg hunt and letting each dog take a turn. And don’t forget to count any eggs you hide to make sure your pet doesn’t find them later when they’re unsupervised.

#2 Make Colorful Egg Treats

Boiled eggs with or without a shell can be a healthy treat for most dogs. To make them even more special, you can dye the eggs using natural, organic dye like Pastries 4 Pets, or you can even choose to make your own dye for extra Easter fun!

#3 Gift Them an Easter Basket

The Easter bunny isn’t just for kids! Surprise your dog or cat with their own Easter basket complete with tasty treats, stimulating toys, and anything else you think they may enjoy. Don’t forget to take pics and tag @yummerspets for a chance to be featured on our page!

#4 Refresh Their Toy Bin

Before the holiday, look for Easter-inspired toys at Petco to help your pet get in the egg-hunting spirit. From plush chickens to squeaky rabbits, your pet will appreciate having new ways to stay busy. If you have a cat, look for Easter-themed toys with catnip that will make them go wild!

#5 Bake Easter-Themed Treats

Make Easter memories by baking some egg, bunny, and chicken dog or cat treats with your pet’s favorite Yummers recipe. For even more fun, you can freeze them so your pet stays busy for hours.

During the Easter festivities, make sure to always supervise your pet and keep human treats out of reach. With these ideas, you and your pet will be sure to have the best Easter yet!

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