Pets and Road Trips: Tips for an Amazing Time Together

Written by: Care Yummers


The idea of going on a road trip with your pet may bring to mind images of exciting adventures and bonding experiences. After all, they are not just pets, but family members who deserve to be part of the fun. However, taking a road trip with a dog or cat is not as straightforward as it may seem and requires careful planning for it to be a truly memorable experience.

Traveling with your pet means considering their needs and wants, as well as your own. Dogs and cats, like humans, have specific requirements that need to be met — especially when they are outside their regular environment. The concept of a road trip may be foreign to them, and they may react differently than expected.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide on the do's and don'ts of a road trip with your pet. Learn about the benefits of road trips, the planning process, essential items to pack (like Yummers), and insider tips to ensure you and your pet have the best time possible.

The Benefits of Taking Your Pet on a Road Trip

There are numerous benefits to taking a road trip with your pet. For one, it is a great opportunity to bond with them. Being in a new environment, experiencing different sights, sounds, and smells together will strengthen your relationship with your dog or cat.

Not only that, but a road trip can provide mental stimulation for your pet. Exposure to new environments and experiences can help keep their mind sharp and active. And you can even bring along some Yummers so every meal they have is extra tasty and nutritious. A well-fed, mentally stimulated pet is a happy pet!

Additionally, road trips can be a healthy activity for your dog or cat. Depending on the destinations, your pet can enjoy plenty of physical activities, such as hiking, swimming, or just exploring the great outdoors by your side. These activities not only keep your pet fit but also help burn off their energy, making them more relaxed during the trip.

Planning for a Pet-Friendly Road Trip

When planning a road trip with your dog or cat, several factors need to be considered. First, make sure that your destinations are pet-friendly. Not all places welcome pets, and you don't want to end up somewhere where your dog or cat is not allowed or feels unwelcome.

Next, check whether your pet is comfortable in a car. Some dogs and cats may suffer from motion sickness, while others may be anxious in moving vehicles. It's essential to take several short car rides with your pet before the actual road trip to acclimate them to the environment.

Lastly, schedule regular stops during the trip. Pets need to stretch their legs, relieve themselves, have a drink of water, and eat meals and mix-ins with craveable ingredients to stay healthy and happy. These breaks will keep your dog or cat comfortable while reducing their anxiety levels.

Essential Items for Road Trips with Dogs and Cats

Packing for a road trip with dogs and cats involves more than just throwing a leash, carrier, and a bag of food into the car. You need to ensure that you have all the essential items to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and happy during the trip.

To start, pack enough food and water for your pet. It's better to overestimate the amount you'll need. Also, don't forget about a portable bowl for feeding and hydrating your dog or cat on the go. With their favorite Yummers recipes in hand, you can help make sure your pet feels right at home during your adventures together.

Next, bring your pet’s favorite toys and blanket. Familiar items will help your dog or cat feel safe and secure in an unfamiliar environment. Finally, pack a first-aid kit that includes pet-specific items. This should include bandages, tweezers, a thermometer, and any medication your dog  or cat may need. It's better to be prepared for any health issues that may arise during the trip.

cat in a carrier on a road trip

The Do's of a Road Trip with Your Pet

When on a road trip with your dog or cat, there are several things you should do to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Before you head out, make sure your pet is wearing a collar with your contact information. And if they have a microchip, don’t forget to update any old information.

Then, it’s important to research the best car restraint accessories for your pet so they stay safe in case of an accident. While cats have carriers, dogs have car seats, leash hooks, crates, and other essentials that can help keep them contained, so make sure to pick the best accessory based on your pet’s size, needs, and comfort level.

Lastly, make sure to keep your pet's feeding and walking schedule as much as possible and to provide them with plenty of water throughout your time together. And don’t forget to give them lots of love, attention, and Yummers while you’re away from home. This is a new experience for them, and they may feel anxious or stressed. Your reassurance plus delicious food will help them feel more relaxed so they enjoy every minute of the trip.

The Don'ts of a Road Trip with Your Dog or Cat

Just as there are do's for a road trip with pets, there are also don'ts. To start, don't leave your pet unattended in the vehicle. Extreme temperatures can be hazardous for dogs and cats, and they may also feel anxious when left alone in an unfamiliar environment. And don't forget to pick up after your pet. It's important to respect the places you visit and leave them clean for the next visitors.

Lastly, don't ignore your pet's needs. They may not be able to tell you when they're uncomfortable, thirsty, hungry for Yummers, or need a break, so it's your responsibility to pay attention to their behavior and cater to their needs.

Resources for Planning Pet-Friendly Road Trips

There are numerous resources available to help you plan pet-friendly road trips. Websites like BringFido and DogTrekker provide comprehensive lists of dog-friendly accommodations, parks, beaches, and attractions. The Fluffy Kitty and Daily Paws then offer cat-friendly places your feline will love.

Apps like Pawscout and BarkHappy can also help you find dog-friendly places and even locate pet services like vets and pet stores in your vicinity. Additionally, PawBoost and is a lost pet app that can help track down your cat or dog if they get loose during your travels.

Books like "The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel" by Kelly Carter and “Bone Voyage: Travel With Your Pet” by Mary-Alice Pomputius provide practical tips and advice for traveling with your dog or cat, along with listings of pet-friendly places in various locations.


A road trip with your pet can be a memorable experience filled with adventure, bonding, and their favorite Yummers recipes. However, it requires careful planning and consideration to ensure both you and your pet have a great time. By following the do's and don'ts in this guide and utilizing the available resources, you can plan an extra special road trip that your dog or cat will enjoy just as much as you will.

Remember, the goal is not just to reach the destination, but to enjoy the journey together. After all, the best road trips with pets are those where the journey is filled with shared experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.