Picky Pet Stories: How Yummers Can Help

Written by: Care Yummers


Pets who live their best life LOVE mealtime. Enticing a picky pet to eat is no easy task, but it is possible. To re-engage your picky pet and get them interested in their food again, sometimes it takes adding something extra.

If you’re like most Yummers pet parents, you’ve tried to sprinkle some human food on top. A little leftover chicken, some trimmings from last night’s roast dinner, or some cut-up vegetables. The problem with people food is that it has been seasoned and cooked with humans in mind. And some of the flavors we love can be harmful to our pets. 

The best solution is to give them something that’s made just for them. Fortunately, Yummers was made with picky pets in mind, and we have plenty of recipes to help pique their interest and get them to crave more.

If you’re navigating meal time with a picky pet, Yummers pet parents are here to share their stories of transforming difficulty at mealtime into an extra-not-ordinary experience.

Surprise a Picky Pet with New Flavors

“My cat likes to keep me guessing, mostly in that the wet food she loves one day she’ll suddenly not touch the next. I can’t buy just one pack of food, even a variety pack. I have to go to the pet store and get individual cans of different brands so that she doesn’t know what’s coming next. All of this is to say: So far, no matter what food I put out, as long as I crush up some of this dried-beef liver, she actually eats it, like, a significant portion! Seriously. This may be the end of my journeys through the aisles of pet stores trying to find a canned food that Juke hasn’t tried yet!”

Sprinkle Something Tasty on Top

“I bought Yummers a month ago and absolutely love it. My pup is not very interested in food and we have a hard time getting her to eat her meals. When we sprinkle the cheddar cheese over her bowl we noticed a huge difference! She is excited to eat and finishes her meal. No weird smell either. Happy dog = happy life!”

Top Off Their Bowl

“My wife and I are very reluctant to change our golden retriever's food to avoid tummy issues. Unfortunately, he has become less interested in mealtime as a result. Adding Yummers freeze-dried beef liver has renewed his enthusiasm for meal time! His tail wags as soon as I reach for the bag.”

Upgrade Dry Food

“I got Yummers to see if my pup would finish her food completely, as she was starting to lose interest in her dry food! When I add Yummers she eats every drop and licks her bowl clean. Yummers is a great addition to her food (that she is now actually excited about) and not to mention, so good for her!”

Add Excitement to Their Day

“Our bundle of joy, Cooper, is 10.5 years old and was recently diagnosed with bone cancer, which resulted in the amputation of his back left leg. Like with some chemo treatments, appetite can be impacted, which certainly happened to Cooper. We honestly felt we were at the end of the road and then in walks YUMMERS! As soon as we received it, we tried it out, and Cooper licked the bowl clean. Since using Yummers, Cooper has been back to his regular eating schedule and pattern with his standard food!”

If Yummers helped your picky pet enjoy mealtime again, we’d love to hear your story! Tag us on Instagram, leave a review on our website or send us an email at care@yummerspets.com.