Dachshund standing next to hand painted sign that says Wedding in front of a table with flowers and cocktails

Special Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

If you’re about to get married or have a wedding on your mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular ways you can celebrate with your pet. Yummers Co-Founder, Rebecca Frechette Rudisch, and her husband included their adorable pup, Will, in their wedding, and now we’re here to help you do the same!

Yummers Co-Founder Rebecca Frechette Rudisch, and her husband holding their adorable pup, Will, on their wedding day

Whether you’re planning a small or large wedding, there are lots of ways you can help your pet join in on the fun. Below, we’ve come up with some creative ideas that will help make the big day even more special for you and your dog or cat.

#1 Create a Pet-Themed Welcome Sign

As your guests start arriving, greet them with a decorative welcome sign featuring your pet and cute typography. Not only will guests love the special touch, but you will also be able to bring the sign home and keep it for years to come. You can hire a designer to create it, or you can make your own design on a DIY site like Canva

#2 Craft Unique Signature Cocktails

A wedding isn’t complete without unique food and drinks! While you’re planning the catering, try coming up with creative cocktails inspired by your dog or cat. For more fun, you can add your pet’s picture and create pet-themed cocktail names. Your guests will be sure to love the special drinks!

#3 Include Them on Cocktail Napkins

To pair with your signature pet-inspired cocktails, you can order napkins with your pet’s face on them that will make your guests laugh. More than a napkin, these can serve as a souvenir from the special day, making it even more memorable for everyone!

#4 Add Them to Your Wedding Invite

The wedding invite is one of the first times you introduce your guests to the celebration — why not make it extra special by featuring your pet? From cute illustrations to pet-written details, you can get creative with your invite to help your guests get even more excited for the big day!

#5 Make Them into a Cake Topper

Go above and beyond for your wedding by ordering a cake topper that looks like your pet! This can be made by hand or created by a professional. Your guests will love the adorable detail, and you can keep it after the ceremony to remember the special memories!

#6 Let Them Join You Down the Aisle

Your pet is with you through it all, so why not don’t the aisle as well? Put your pet in a bowtie or dress and have them by your side as you walk down the aisle and say “I do.”

#7 Include Them at the Altar

If you choose not to have your pet walk with you down the aisle, you can still have them waiting for you at the altar wearing a fancy outfit and accessories to make your wedding photos even more memorable.

#8 Get Dressed Up with Them

In addition to joining you in your dressing room, your pet can also wear wedding attire that helps them look extra elegant during the special occasion. 

#9 Bring Them to the Photoshoot

While you prep for photos, consider adding in your pet for a photoshoot everyone will remember. You can dress them up and include them in photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen so they are included in the fun.

#10 Give Them the Ring Bearer Title

Before the festivities start, take photos of your pet with the rings to create special memories. Make sure the rings stay safe by holding them in your hand with your pet nearby.

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