Support Your Pet's Specific Health Needs With Yummers Mix-Ins

Written by: Care Yummers


When it comes to supporting your pet’s specific health needs, it can be difficult to incorporate a daily pill or chew into their routine. That’s where our functional mix-ins come in.

Our functional recipes start with freeze dried meat and come in powder form for easy feeding. They also add more flavor, texture, and variety to every meal so your pet eats every bite. We recommend consulting your vet prior to starting any new feeding regimen - they're a great resource in managing your pet's life long health.

Not sure which functional mix-in is the best for your pet? Here’s everything you need to know:

Skin & Coat

This mix-in is formulated for for pets with dull, dry coats, dandruff flakes, and itchy skin. Beyond savory, freeze-dried meat, this gourmet recipe has omega-3 fatty acids that help support healthy skin and a shiny coat. Biotin then helps their nails, skin, and hair feel their best, while no corn, wheat, or soy can help keep their allergies at bay.


Potty problems? Our digestive functional mix-in may be able to help. Whether their stools are runny, they’re straining to go, or they are going potty more often than normal, this mix-in can help support a variety of digestive needs. Made with premium, freeze-dried meat, this tasty digestive aid helps support your pet’s health with probiotics, papaya, and apple cider vinegar.


No matter how old your pet is, they could always use heart support. Our heart functional mix-in is packed with vital nutrients that help your pet live a healthy life by your side. Taurine regulates blood flow so their heart stays strong, while l-carnitine supports lean muscle mass, a healthy weight, and energy levels.