Treat Your Pet to the Ultimate Holiday Feast

Written by: Dr. Cherice Roth


With its warm ambiance and festive gatherings, the holiday season often revolves around culinary delights that tantalize your taste buds. And while we indulge in these seasonal treats, why not extend that holiday joy to our beloved pets?

As a veterinarian and a fervent advocate for pet well-being, I firmly believe in pampering our four-legged companions with a nutritious and festive meal during the holidays. Here's my take on the best holiday feast you can prepare for your dog or cat!

Start with a lean protein base for youe holiday feast

A well-cooked, boneless turkey or chicken is always a hit. It's a delicious treat and offers the essential amino acids our pets need. Remember to avoid seasonings, especially onions and garlic, which can be harmful. If you're considering fish, a deboned, grilled salmon can be an excellent choice as it’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that promote a healthy skin & coat. Pair it with Yummers Skin & Coat Mix-In for a craveable holiday feast filled with health benefits!

Don’t forget the holiday side dishes for your pet

As for the holiday side dishes, think wholesome and natural. Sweet potatoes, mashed or baked, are a delightful addition. They're rich in dietary fiber and vitamins. Green beans, steamed and chopped, can provide a crunchy texture and are a fantastic low-calorie treat filled with essential vitamins and minerals. Adding Yummers Salmon & Sweet Potato Mix-In can help make it an irresistible holiday meal for your pet!

Cat eating at Christmas time

Add some crave-worthy holiday flavor

You can never go wrong with a dollop of pumpkin puree, which is not only festive but also packed with beneficial nutrients and fiber. It aids digestion and is a favorite among many pets. Yummers Digestive Supplement can add extra support and delicious flavor so they eat every bite! You can mix in cranberries, but make sure they're unsweetened and given in moderation. These tiny red fruits are packed with antioxidants. You can drizzle some omega-rich fish or flaxseed oils over the holiday meal for a festive touch. This not only enhances the flavor but also promotes your pet’s joint and heart health.

Treat your pet to a delicious holiday dessert

Round off this holiday feast with a special treat! A homemade, no-bake peanut butter ball (ensure it's xylitol-free) or a small piece of cooked carrot can serve as the perfect dessert for your pet. Don’t forget to check out our blog for easy, tasty recipes made with Yummers that your dog or cat will be sure to love!

Help them maintain a healthy weight

It's essential to be aware of portion sizes. While it's tempting to shower our pets with a lavish spread, moderation is key to ensure they don't overeat and face digestive issues. Introduce any new food gradually to prevent any gastrointestinal upset. As always, consult with your vet before feeding your pet any new foods, and make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water at all times.

The holidays are a time of indulgence and shared joys. Crafting a special meal for your pet expresses love, and it's wonderful to see them relish festive treats like Yummers Taste of the Season Bundle! Here's wishing you and your dog or cat a holiday season filled with delicious delights, lots of Yummers, and cherished memories!

Dr. Cherice Roth

Dr. Cherice Roth

Dr. Roth is a practicing veterinarian with a background in telemedicine and a passion for equitable access to veterinary care for all pets. She knows how vitally important mealtime is for pets and shares Yummers' devotion to giving them what they want and need.