4 Reasons Why Your Pet Wants Meal Mix-ins

Written by: Care Yummers


Not sure if you should get Yummers mix-ins for your pet? First, it’s important to understand the difference between a topper and a mix-in.

In general, the only real difference is how the product is used. So, while a topper is something you sprinkle on top of your pet’s food, a mix-in is designed to be mixed in with their regular food. When you do this, you help make sure your pet’s bowl is made as delicious as possible so they eat every bite - and crave more.

Beyond giving your pet their best meal and their best life, there are many reasons why mix-ins are a great addition to your pet’s bowl:

1. Picky pets love them

From more flavor and variety to different textures and nutrients, mix-ins can help make every meal extra-NOT-ordinary.

2. They support common health concerns
We’ve added taurine to our heart formula, biotin and omegas to our skin & coat formula, and fiber to our digestive formula for more health benefits in every bite. For pets that have specific health needs, we have several functional recipes that can help manage these issues while also making every meal irresistible

3. They can keep their belly happy
With limited ingredients, mix-ins are a great way to give your pet variety without changing their food and potentially upsetting their stomach.

4. They make mealtime easy
With no prep time needed, mix-ins make it easy to enhance your pet’s meals in just a few minutes - just mix them in and watch your pet have their best meal ever.

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