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8 Tips to Make 2023 Your Pet’s Best Year Ever

Now that it’s a new year, there’s never been a better time to make life with your pet even more extra-not-ordinary. Here at Yummers, we’re always looking for ways to help your pet live their best. Life. Ever. 
As you look ahead to the new year, here are some ways you can make extra special memories with your dog or cat:

Tip #1: Go on an adventure

Whether you’re a pet parent to a dog or cat, all animals could use a little adventure every once in a while. From going to a new dog park to taking your cat out on a harness, there are plenty of opportunities to get fresh air, bond, and stimulate your pet’s mind.

Tip #2: Step up their care

When was the last time your pup went to the groomer or your cat got a vet checkup? All pets could use a checkup every once in a while, and if you’ve been putting it off, now is a great time to catch up on all their care needs. You could even throw in an at-home spa day to help them feel extra special!

Tip #3 Plan a pet-friendly vacation

Schedule a pet-friendly trip by car or plane so your pet can experience the world, make new friends, and strengthen their bond with you. If a staycation is easier for you, plan fun activities like playdates, spa days, and trips to the pet store to pick out new toys.

Tip #4 Make new pet friends

Whether you book play dates with other pet parents or connect with someone on our Instagram, your pet will appreciate meeting new furry friends and working on their socialization skills. Plus, you can meet other pet parents who may have tips and tricks for your pet!

Tip #5 Brush up on training

When was the last time your pet learned a new trick or aced an agility course? No matter how old your dog or cat is, they can always learn something new or work on current behaviors at any time. You can hire a trainer or even practice some tricks at home by watching trainer videos online.

Tip #6 Grow your family

Maybe your pup or cat has been a little lonely. You could always adopt them a sibling so they have companionship when you’re at home and on the go. This helps stimulate their mind and strengthen their socialization skills. Plus, you’ll have a new furry friend to create extra special memories with! You can also donate to your local shelter to help support the adoptable pets near you.

Tip #7 Capture your bond

You can never have too many pictures of your pet! Consider scheduling a photo shoot or planning a shoot at your house where you can have fun playing dress up. After you take pics, don't forget to share them on social media and tag us @yummerspets. If you take pics of your pet with Yummers in the photo, tag us for a chance to win 2 bags of meal mix-ins! We announce the winner on the first day of every month. 

Tip #8 Surprise them with new flavors

If your pet has been bored with their food, you can bring home new tasty recipes for them to try. At Yummers, you can save 10% when you bundle and 5% on repeat shipments so you can stock up on all your pet’s favorite mix-ins. Make sure to follow feeding guidelines when adding new food to your pet’s diet so their belly stays happy.

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