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Bringing Home a New Pet: Tips from the Yummers Team

Created by pet parents for pet parents, Yummers is a team of pet lovers who have all experienced what it’s like to bring home a pet for the first time. Whether you bring home a dog or a cat, we all go through a transitional period when becoming a Yummers parent. From potty training to socialization, every milestone comes with great lessons that we take with us well beyond our pet’s life by our side. 

Today, we wanted to share our insights into what we wish we had known before we brought home our first pet. With these stories, we hope to shed light on the realness of pet parenthood and the joys that come along with it. Even when things aren’t perfect (they never are), our pets always find a way to make us smile and remember that nothing is ever that serious.

Antoni Porowski

"The trust a pet has towards their parents takes a while to nurture & develop and comes in stages, especially with a grown rescue. I was prepared for that part, but not as much the entitlement which came with it. Also, mango skins do not digest well with pit mixes, I've learned."

Jonathan Van Ness

"Even for every challenging part of pet parenthood, it is so worth it. The family connection between my fur babies and I brings me such joy and comfort that I hope everyone can experience that."

Allison Rynne, Head of Customer Success

“When I adopted my first greyhound, I didn't fully appreciate how many changes a rescue pet goes through as they adjust to their new home. It took over a year for my dog to show her playful, goofy side and really come out of her shell. I wish I had known how important patience is for pet parenthood. Now, I know that it's truly a journey and that dogs (and cats) evolve over time, just like people.”

Lauren Lopez, Social Media Manager

“I wish I was more patient with my first dog when she was a puppy. I forgot how new she was to her forever home and the world. She was still learning right and wrong behaviors. Puppy behavior is normal, as long as you have patience, with the right amount of consistent training, your new pup will adjust (although you might have to sacrifice some sleep!)”

Justin D’Angelo, Creative Director

“The importance of pet dental care. Yes, you should brush your pet's teeth.”

Laura Muensterer, Copywriter

“Before I got my first dog, I wish I had known ahead of time the adjustments I needed to make to my overall home and lifestyle. My dog was very hyper and mischievous when she was a puppy, which meant a lot of puppy-proofing and supervision. I figured it out in the end, but it would have been nice to have been more prepared.”

Bethany Preston, Customer Success Manager

“All pets are different! Let go of expectations and observe your pet's behavior. They'll show you what works for them. Find a great dog trainer who you can trust and get the basics down while being consistent. Whether you adopt a puppy or an older dog, it's never too late to train. You can teach an old dog new tricks.”

Kevin Harrington

“Hide your AirPods.”

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