Pet Allergies and Sensitivities: Everything You Need to Know

Pet Allergies and Sensitivities: Everything You Need to Know

Does your pet suffer from allergies or sensitivities? If so, they are not alone! Many pets struggle with allergy or sensitivity symptoms — from itchy skin to watery eyes and more. Dogs and cats can have allergies and sensitivities to food, with proteins being the most common allergens affecting pets.

At Yummers, we’re here to help you spot the signs of allergies or sensitivities and get the solutions you need to help your pet feel their best at every stage of life.

What causes pet allergies or sensitivities?

Allergens like pollen, dust mites, and dander can all cause allergy or sensitivity symptoms in your pet. Some pets may also have food allergies, which could mean they need to eat a limited-ingredient diet. At Yummers, we have a variety of limited-ingredient recipes to help your pet stay healthy and happy. Genetics can also be a factor. Breeds like bulldogs, retrievers, and terriers are all known to suffer from allergies or sensitivities more than other types of dogs.

What are the symptoms of pet allergies or sensitivities?

Some symptoms you may see are itching, red and inflamed skin, rashes, and a runny nose. These can be uncomfortable for your pet and potentially dangerous, so it’s important to consult with your vet, especially if your pet is at risk for ear infections, vomiting, and breathing problems.

How to treat pet allergies or sensitivities

Depending on your pet’s symptoms, you may need a variety of solutions. For mild allergies or sensitivities, your vet may give your pet antihistamines. For more severe symptoms, they may recommend a steroid injection to help reduce inflammation. Your vet may also have your pet try a new diet and stay away from certain allergens.

Ways to help prevent pet allergies or sensitivities

You can help reduce and prevent your pet’s allergy or sensitivity symptoms by regularly grooming and bathing them. It’s also a good idea to vacuum and dust your home every few weeks or days depending on how much your pet sheds. To help reduce exposure to allergens, make sure to keep your pet’s bed, blankets, and toys clean. You can also add hypoallergenic foods and supplements like Yummers Skin & Coat Mix-In to their diet to help strengthen their immune system so they feel their best during every season.

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