Ways Our Pets Support Us During the Holidays

Written by: Dr. Cherice Roth


As a veterinarian and an ardent observer of the human-animal bond, I've seen firsthand how our furry, feathered, and scaled companions uplift our spirits, especially during the holiday season. There were many times that I had to miss holidays with my family because of my rigorous academic schedule and working at the same time.

Thankfully, I had many furry, scaly, feathered friends to help me. There was even a time when my studies took me all the way to Australia during the holidays, and I couldn’t bring my pets. Thankfully, there were plenty of critters I could snuggle with. As we enjoy the season, let’s take some time to reflect on all the amazing ways our pets support us through the holidays and beyond.

A Bond for Lasting Well-Being

The bond between humans and pets goes far beyond shared living spaces and routine care. This deep connection has roots in our evolutionary history and has been nurtured over thousands of years. Today, scientific studies by HABRI provide evidence for what many pet parents already knew intuitively: interacting with pets can have a therapeutic effect, reducing stress hormones and decreasing blood pressure. Imagine, amidst the holiday hustle, taking a moment to cuddle with your cat or play fetch with your dog. These simple acts trigger the release of oxytocin, often called the "love hormone," promoting feelings of trust, relaxation, and well-being. After you spend time playing together, treat your pet to some Yummers to celebrate the holiday season with extra tasty festive recipes.

Christmas Cats

Best Friends Who Stay by Our Side

Our pets play a vital role in improving our mental health. During times of heightened stress or when feelings of loneliness creep in, the unwavering companionship of a pet can be a grounding force. Their predictable routines, affectionate gestures, and even their playful antics provide a distraction from anxieties, offering a form of emotional support that's genuine and unconditional. For many, pets serve as a bridge, encouraging social interactions and providing a topic of conversation, which can be especially valuable during large holiday gatherings or in moments of social apprehension. To help your pet’s mind stay at ease during the holiday festivities, provide them with a place to retreat with toys, a calming Yummers DIY treat, a cozy bed, and other comfort items so they feel secure.

Reminding Us of What’s Important During the Holidays

The routine activities with our pets, whether it's a daily walk or regular feeding times with their favorite Yummers recipe, instill a sense of purpose and structure in our lives. These activities can be particularly beneficial during the holidays, a period often characterized by breaks in routine or overwhelming to-do lists. The act of caring for another being, in turn, reinforces feelings of self-worth and purpose.

Our pets’ presence, often taken for granted, is a gift that continually nourishes our physical and emotional health. By spending quality time together, feeding them Yummers, and including them in the fun, you can make this holiday season the best one yet for your dog or cat.

This holiday season, amidst the glittering lights and melodic carols, let's celebrate the joyous symphony of the human-animal bond and the unparalleled comfort and joy it brings to our lives. Wishing you moments of reflection, gratitude, and lots of heartwarming purrs, barks, and chirps!

Dr. Cherice Roth

Dr. Cherice Roth

Dr. Roth is a practicing veterinarian with a background in telemedicine and a passion for equitable access to veterinary care for all pets. She knows how vitally important mealtime is for pets and shares Yummers' devotion to giving them what they want and need.