Neon watching Antoni mix Yummers into her food

Why Yummers Are Mix-Ins, Not Toppers

We started Yummers to give every pet the best meal — and best life — they deserve. This began with creating crave-worthy recipes that add flavor, texture, and variety to every meal. 

Have you ever wondered why Yummers are called mix-ins, and not toppers? If you have a dog or cat, chances are, you’ve heard of toppers. You simply add them on top of your pet’s regular food to get them excited about eating it. This is a great solution if your pet is finicky and doesn’t always want to eat their food. 

While your pet may eat the topper, there is no guarantee they’ll eat the rest of the meal. This can become an issue when your pet only eats the topper, as it’s not designed to be a complete and balanced meal. And while they may be interested at first, the small boost of flavor will quickly be gone, leaving your pet with no reason to continue eating their regular food. Because you don’t mix in the topper, your pet may be tempted to eat around their main meal.

Yummers are so delicious that if you only add them on top of your pet’s food, they may only eat part of their meal. By mixing in Yummers, they perfectly complement any food and make every meal an irresistibly delicious treat. When you mix in extra tasty Yummers flavors, you can help your pet eat every bite and get the nutrition they need to feel their best. 

Now that you know the difference between mix-ins and toppers, check out our collection of gourmet recipes that help your pet have the best meal — and best life — they deserve.

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