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Turkey & Cranberry Recipe Gourmet Meal Mix-in for Dogs, 5 oz.

Turkey & Cranberry Recipe Gourmet Meal Mix-in for Dogs, 5 oz.

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Yummers gourmet mix-ins add a tender texture and the irresistible flavors of turkey & cranberry to your pup's meal. Our gourmet recipes are thoughtfully crafted in the USA and made with natural ingredients to enhance your pet's meal experience.

What's In It

Turkey, Vegetable Glycerin, Pea Flour, Cranberry, Salt.

What's Not In It

No corn
No wheat
No soy

Feeding Guidelines

We recommend a 1/4 oz daily serving size, approximately 10 pieces per 10 lbs of body weight. Mix in with your pet's food as an appetite enhancer. Add as a complement to a complete and balanced meal. Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

Why Meal Mix-ins?

Picky pets love them because of the added texture and flavor.

They can help support common health concerns like skin & coat or digestive health with formulated ingredients.

With limited ingredients, mix-ins are a great way to give your pet variety without changing their food and potentially upsetting their stomach.

With no prep time needed, mix-ins make it easy to enhance your pet’s meals in just a few minutes.