Valentine’s Day Activities for You and Your Pet

Valentine’s Day Activities for You and Your Pet

At Yummers, we’re always looking for ways to include pets in the festivities. On Valentine’s Day, you and your pet can make extra special memories while strengthening your bond.
We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Valentine’s Day date ideas so your time together is extra-not-ordinary.

Movie Night

From the Secret Life of Pets to Lady and the Tramp, there are plenty of movies you and your pet can watch together on V-Day. Beethoven, Best in Show, 101 Dalmatians, Dog, Lassie, and Dog Gone are some other great options. Whatever film you choose, your pet will be happy to be spending quality time with you.

Sunset Walk

Valentine’s Day is a great time to go out and get some fresh air with your pet! Whether you bring your pup or put your cat on a harness, they’ll be sure to appreciate the time outside with you enjoying new sights and smells on the special day.

Drive-In Movie

If your pet is comfortable in the car, why not take them to a drive-in movie? You can bring their bed, toys, and treats to help make the night even more fun. This is a great way to get out for the night while staying in a safe environment your pet is already familiar with.

Bake Together

Every pet loves to be included when you’re cooking and baking in the kitchen. You can make your pet some DIY treats or even create a barkuterie board with their favorite Yummers recipe to help them feel extra special.

S-paw Day

Whether you take them to the groomers or stay home, pets love to be pampered. You can bathe them, give them a massage, and reward them with tasty Yummers mix-ins to make the s-paw day extra memorable.

Puppoccino Stop

No pup can resist a puppoccino! Take a quick road trip to your favorite coffee shop to give your dog a V-Day treat they’ll love and appreciate. After, you can bring them to the pet store and bring home a new toy to end the night. 

Pet’s Choice

What do they enjoy the most — tug-of-war, fetch, laser pointer? Think of your pet’s favorite activity and give them lots of playtime throughout the day to help them burn excess energy and celebrate the day.

Shopping Spree

Surprise your pet with a trip to Petco on Valentine’s Day, where you can stock up on new treats, toys, and Yummers recipes! While you’re there, you can get them groomed, schedule a vet checkup, and more so they stay happy and healthy.

Share the Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, take a moment to give back by donating to your local animal shelter. If you have any pet accessories, beds, toys, etc. to donate, they’ll be sure to appreciate those, too. 

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