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Creating Routines: Tips to Support a Healthy Pet

Both dogs and cats thrive when they have an established routine. When you schedule their day like you would your own, you help ease their mind and provide a sense of comfort and predictability. 

Additionally, dogs and cats love anything new. Whether it’s a new toy, a new friend, or a new Yummers recipe, pets need stimulation and entertainment to stay happy and healthy. We’re here to help you create a routine with your pet so you both enjoy a great 2023.

#1 Make Time to Go Outside

Whether it’s going on a walk, visiting the dog park, or meeting a new pet friend, every pet can benefit from getting some fresh air. By blocking off time every day to take them outside, you can help them burn off excess energy while supporting their mental health. If you have a cat, buy a harness or even a ventilated backpack with a window so they can explore by your side.

#2 Put Meals on a Schedule

Giving your pet breakfast and dinner at the same time each day helps provide a sense of security knowing they will be fed every day. To make their bowl extra special, mix in some Yummers to add more flavor, variety, and texture to every meal.

#3 Prioritize Daily Playtime

Even just ten minutes of playtime can boost your pet’s mood and give them great stimulation. You can rotate their toys as well to keep things fresh and exciting. Some play ideas include tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, chase the laser pointer, and more.

#4 Strengthen Your Bond

Whether you’re cuddling in bed or enjoying a meal together, your pet will always appreciate spending quality time with you. To learn more about them, you can get a test that tells you more about their background and breed so you can discover more activities they may enjoy. 

#5 Get Ahead of Pet Care

By being proactive and going to the vet or groomer, you can help your pet feel their best so their health stays right on track. You can also learn new ways you can take care of them by asking for personalized food and DIY recommendations.

#6 Change Up Their Environment

Pets can get stir-crazy too! Next time you’re going out, consider bringing your pet along. You can bring your dog to brunch with a friend or even put a harness on our cat while you window shop around town. Whatever you do, make sure your pet is safe and comfortable being around new situations and pets. Even a ten-minute car ride can brighten your pet’s day.

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